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Complex Multi-Asset or High-Income Divorce

Like simple and complex divorces, multi-asset and high-income divorces can be emotionally draining, painful and tiring. Unlike simple and complex divorces, however, high-net-worth divorces involve complex tax issues and the division of high-value property holdings, business accounts
and sizable wealth.

Negotiating the Equitable Division of Property

In a high-net-worth divorce, it can be difficult to resolve how property should be distributed; certain assets may be hidden and high-value items may have sentimental value as well as financial value to you and your spouse. That is why you need an attorney who can approach your case creatively and who has the expertise needed to effectively negotiate on your behalf.

The Knowledge and Experience You Need

Gerald Wilkerson and his staff have the expert knowledge and years of experience in divorce law you need to mediate your high-income divorce. We will effectively handle the division of property in your divorce and enlist industry experts when necessary to find hidden assets and help secure a fair division of wealth. No matter how complex your divorce is, you can trust our experience to resolve it properly, reducing your stress.

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