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Providing for Your Children

After a divorce, it is crucial that your children’s financial needs continue to be met. Child support helps to ensure that your children have the financial support they need to prepare for their future. If you are ordered to pay child support by the court, or if you will receive child support, you can depend on Gerald Wilkerson and his experienced staff to help ensure that the amount you pay or are paid is fair and will provide sufficiently for your children.

Determining the Costs of Child Support

When you come to The Law Office of Gerald Wilkerson PA, our staff will answer any questions you have about child support, including questions about how the court determines how much support will be paid. In Florida, the court uses a formula based on the income of both parents to determine child support, but we understand that determining the financial needs of your children and your ability to pay is more complicated than a few numbers.
That’s why when you come to us for counsel regarding child support, our staff will take into account your income and your former spouse’s income, the needs of your children and your unique financial situation when determining a fair amount of child support. Wilkerson will then expertly represent you before the court to ensure what you pay or will be paid is appropriate.

Modifying Child Support

If you lose employment or your financial circumstances change, you may qualify for a modification to the child support you pay. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through filing a petition to adjust your child support obligation, so you can feel financially secure while doing what you can to equitably care for your children.

Let Our Experience Work for You

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